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Our Mission:


To empower, celebrate and advocate for children facing challenges, celebrating inner beauty and self confidence.



The Pageant of Hope has traveled to 16 states as well as 6 international regions including Australia, South Africa, Malawi, Cuba, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. We have crowned thousands of children, teenagers and adults, helping them realize their own inner beauty and shine in front of family and friends.


We strive to lead children to recognize their full potential, helping them with communication skills, poise, stage presence, and grace. The Pageant of Hope has witnessed thousands of children transform within a day. We’ve seen shy young girls, who wouldn’t speak at the beginning of the day, storm the stage with the biggest smile across their face and exude confidence. Watched young men who were nervous to be apart of the Pageant take the stage and steal the show. We’ve seen families and friends in awe watch their child walk the stage and be fearless in pursuit of discovering themselves. The moments that the Pageant of Hope has been apart of is enigmatical, the transformations that the HBBQs have been able to be apart of is something that they carry with them each day, and is why the Pageant of Hope keeps reaching out to more organizations worldwide in hopes to empower a child to celebrate who they are.



JULY 2018

"The Pageant of Hope is one of the most amazing organizations I have been able to be a part of. It's an amazing feeling to watch the contestants come in very shy and unsure, and help guide them through the process of preparing to walk across the stage smiling ear to ear and exploding with confidence! My heart is so full from the previous Pageant of Hope events I helped with, and I can't wait until the next one."

Alie Diaz